Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

  • Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims
    Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims?

    Experienced, Aggressive, Thorough Representation at Hearings and Before Ohio’s Courts

Experienced, Aggressive, Thorough Representation at Hearings and Before Ohio’s Courts

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) makes the initial determination regarding your claim, unless you work for a large employer who is self-insured.  In that case, your employer makes the initial decision.   If the BWC makes the determination and you wish to appeal, you have 14 days to do so from receipt of the order.  If a self-insured employer denies the claim, the BWC refers the claim to the Ohio Industrial Commission for an in-person hearing before an Ohio Industrial Commission hearing officer.

The workers’ compensation system is a complicated system that can be hard to understand. Sometimes, your employer even appeals a decision into court that allowed your claim or benefits into court, even though you succeeded at hearing.  If you receive a Notice of Appeal into court from your employer and do not respond to it in time, you can have a default judgment entered against you and you will lose the claim.

Even if you are not successful in your claim at your hearing, you have the right to appeal the denial into court if the decision involves your request to have a medical allowance added to your claim or if the claim itself is denied. However, certain steps need to be taken to perfect your right to appeal into court.  But time is of the essence.  At Donaldson and Dunkle Law Offices, our experienced attorneys can help you respond quickly and aggressively to protect your right to receive compensation. To schedule a free initial consultation, please contact our office online or call (419) 525-1984.

We have the experience to take your case to the proper court in order to get proper compensation for you. Depending on the situation, your employer may even be required to pay your attorneys’ fees.  Even If your Ohio workers’ compensation claim has been recently denied, please schedule your free initial consultation by contacting our office online or by calling (419) 525-1984.

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